11 de octubre de 2010

The secret to the perfect skin

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Taking care of our skin is not only relevant when we want to pimp ourselves for a night out, but also to keep our body healthy. The skin ins the largest human organ there is, and for that it deserves all our attention.

There are as many skincare routines as people in this world, however here I will mention the ones that I personally consider MUSTS.
  • Keep the skin hydrated, both inside and outside. It is important to keep in mind that not only for our skin but for our entire body, we should drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day. The water we drink will not only help eliminate all the toxins in our body, but also will keep our skin clear and hydrated. We should not forget also, the importance of a moisturizing cream that we should use morning and/or nights (depending on your specific needs) to help our skin keep its moisture.
  • Clean our skin on a daily basis. No matter if its with a specific gel or foam, or just soap and water. Each skin might react in different ways to one product or another, therefore there is no point listing this or that product, since it may be my "holy grail" cleanser and at the same time be your nightmare cleanser. But it is indeed a MUST, you cleanse your face in the morning and at night. Why at night? Well, we need to remove any makeup we had applied that day and also remove the dirt our skin has accumulated throughout the day. Now, I know you may be wondering, then why in the morning, if we just slept? Our skin produces oils and sebum 24/7 that is why we need to start our morning with a fresh face.
  • Use Sunscreen daily. UV Rays are harmfull for our skin, not only causing premature wrinkles but also can cause cancer. Therefore it is highly important to use a good sunscreen, or foundation/moisturizer with SPF.
  • Exfoliate gently once a week. Our skin is renewed constantly, and all the dead skin cells remain on the top layer of our skin. Part of the dead skin is removed by the fabrics and clothes that rub our skin, however it is important to exfoliate consciously once a week (or two depending on your skin needs. Exfoliation not only will improve our skin in terms of luminosity, but it will progressively diminish scarring and will stimulate the micro-circulation. We can exfoliate with home made products or a specific brand exfoliation scrub. Extra Virgin Olive oil with light sugar makes the perfect home made scrub.
All these steps followed wisely will help improve your skin, however it is important no to exagerate or cleanse more that it is needed. Excessive cleansing may irritate your skin, produce blemishes and breakouts, which is all we are trying to avoid. Less is more! And the key to a radiant skin is to find a balanced skin regime.
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