15 de octubre de 2010

Technology and Relationships

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Who could ever imagine that with today’s advanced technologies in terms of communication, one could be sooooo in-communicated?

How many woman have gone “mad about someone” while waiting for that after-date-call/sms/email? Checking our in-box every 5 minutes, making sure the battery is at its full! and that we have good reception!

How many seconds, minutes, hours, even days! have we spent staring at out PC screens, almost hypnotized, waiting for HIM to show up on our on-line buddy list?. And sad thing is when he finally shows up, we spend seconds, minutes, hours and even days to find out he does not even bother to say “Hi”.

And here comes the all-time-doubt! Should I say “Hi” first??

Nowadays, calling a guy its somewhat intrusive, almost harassment! And probably they would think we are desperate for them! So we wait, …, and wait…, and wait…as long as we can…but finally we give up, and decide to go the “mature” way, and write them (never, never, EVER! call them, I´ve already pointed it is considered harassing!!!)

Now we can move on! He will write us back….won´t he?????? So the relief last a few hours, and once again the feeling returns, but this time more powerful and full of anger! Should we wait for him to reply, as any normal person would do????

This is were “The Girls” show up! A friendly voice to share your anger, disappointment, disgust….someone that fully understands you, that have been there before, that ALWAYS replies to your messages!

Finally you decide he is an ass-holX! another jerk prowling around the world, and he´s not worth any of this shiX! You are over him, and ready for the next one! ………. But as if they had a radar connected to our brains, “THEY REPLY”, and suddenly we forget all what happened, all the waiting and staring, and reply back….=( What´s next….all of the above mentioned ALL over again!

We are still Penelopes WHITOUTH Glamour, at its worst version!

I dont whant to generalize and be a feminist, maybe they go through the same things we do….Although I doubt it! =P

Going back to our main question, why although having the latest technologies on our side, communicating with others is SOOOOooo hard? Is it that caring and showing some interest its a new-generation-crime? Does it make us less than others?

I would love to continue this chit-chat, but I need to go……my phone is ringing! =)

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