26 de enero de 2011

Ginger Hair....

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I've always thought freckles combined with ginger hair was a great combination. Somehow in my eyes I found the combination super feminine and delicate, romantic...I don't know. Maybe it is just me!

I know that I will never have freckles...but I can do something about my hair....

Throughout last year, I've been using semi permanent hair dye, here in Argetnina called Shampoo Color or Tono Sobre Tono, it last a couple of hair washes and it covers some white hairs I unfortunately have. I tried all type of reds and gingers but I am yet to find the color I want.

So I decided to finally go for permanent hair dye. Since then I have searched for the perfect picture to show to my colorist but Its impossible to decide which one I like the most.

Here some of the ones I've found so far...They are all similar but cant decide!

* Khole Kardashian

*Christina Hendricks

* Some random Girl on the internetsss...

* Random girl whi has lovely freckles:

* Some actress I dont know her name:

* This one I think is lovely from random girl:

So, soon I will have an update post on this, and will show you the result!



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