2 de marzo de 2011

Cool Hunting #1 - English

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Starting next week, every Friday I will have a new rendition of this section, Weekly Cool Hunting.
I will share with you various looks found around the lovely streets of Buenos Aires.
This section was inspired by this lady on her 70's I came across yesterday during my lunch break. I just couldn't resist the temptation of taking her a pic.
She was all diva and careless that it melted my fashionist heart, will I look like that when I reach her age? High heels, socks, some sort of corduroy leggings, technicolor shirt and a cute red handbag, I confess I would wear! (I am talking about the handbag), all paired with poodleish hair. So sweet!

She got me thinking, how will people my age will look when old? Tattoo's, piercings, and some other heavier body modifications, making combo with wrinkled skin and slo-mo walking.

Until next friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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