15 de marzo de 2011

My Favourite Makeup Vloggers - Part 1

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I promised last week I was going to show you who my favorite Makeup Vloggers where and some little information about each of these amazing girls.

Nick and Sam - Pixiwoo  - Click HERE to view their channel
I discovered this great community one year an a half ago, when I stumbled with these two girls. They are sisters and professional makeup artists based in UK. They make tutorials of wearable makeup looks but they also show editorial makeup, which may not result so much wearable but will definitely teach you tips and tricks to perfect your makeup skills. They also make product reviews. As they are professional makeup artists they receive many products from brands all over the world for review purposes and they are 100% honest with their opinions.

Michelle Phan - Click HERE to view her channel
Her Vlogs are really useful. She emphasizes a lot on skincare, home made masks and amazing tips and tricks to make our girly-girl life easier. She also has makeup tutorials from wearable to costume makeup.Her Vlogs are perfectly edited and I don't know how or why but I always feel super relaxed while watching her vids.

Julia - MissChievous - Click HERE to view her channel.
Her Vlogs are the most creative ones I've seen. She explains things in a simple way for all of her non-professional viewers to be able to understand all she does, how she does it and why she does it that way. She also hosts wearable looks, costume looks, and more edgy looks. She does amazing product reviews as well, that I know I can rely on 100%.

This is all for now. I have many more Vloggers I would like to mention but that will be addressed on a future post. I hope you find these girls as great as I do. I've learned so much from them and still am.



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